Offline Soy Candle


We all need a digital detox now and then, and this candle is the perfect in'scent'ive to shut it all down and take a deep breath!

Let the bright and cheerful scent of lemongrass with just a hint of calming lavender fill the room, as you take in the present moment unplugged.

This candle might be just the thing you need to remind yourself (or a loved one) to take some time away from your screen.

We have recently been selling this candle at artisan markets, and because of its popularity we have made it available online.

Your search for a truly natural soy candle is over! There are NO synthetic fragrances, dyes or petroleum-derived waxes in our candles. We use only premium 100% natural plant-derived fragrance oils and/or essential oils to scent our candles along with natural American soy wax and cotton wicks.

Burn time on this hand-poured 8oz candle is approximately 45-50 hours.