House Pride: Wit


After a night of studying in the tower common room, you reward yourself with a delicious treat of artisan chocolate-covered toffee. Once your sweet tooth has been satisfied, you curl up with a good book, the pages illuminated by the warm glow of a peppermint humbug scented candle.


  • House Pride Premium Soy Candle by MWB: Hand-poured and scented with 100% natural plant-based fragrance oil and high-quality essential oils. This candle delivers a refreshing peppermint scent with warm butterscotch undertones.
  • Pin by Jane Mount: Hand-illustrated HP #3 enamel pin.
  • Sea Salt Chocolate Peanut Brittle from Sweetsmith Candy Co: The ultimate indulgence.

Packaged in a 7x7 kraft gift box and wrapped with our signature foil stamped box wrap.

Perfect for holiday gifts, bridesmaid or groomsmen gifts or gifts for wizards and witches in training. If wit brings you pleasure, buy yourself this treasure!

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