House Pride: Loyalty


Patience and fairness are rewarded with a box of wizardy goodness that celebrates the yellow and black. Cozy up by the fire with a steaming cup of butter brew and bask in the aroma of a Peach scented candle.


  • House Pride Peach Gigglewater Premium Soy Candle by MWB: Hand-poured and 100% naturally scented with natural, plant-based fragrance oil. Get your giggles on with this peachy keen candle that fills the air with the sweet, succulent scent of fresh peaches. 
  • Pin by Jane Mount: Hand-illustrated HP #5 enamel pin.
  • Victory Bath Bomb: Handmade with orange and bergamot essential oil, and topped with golden mica drizzle. Wrapped in gold foil.
  • Butter Brew Tea:  A buttery brew of delicious loose leaf black tea, with butterscotch chips and a hint of vanilla. This tea goes great with milk and a pinch of sugar. Packaged in a round tea tin that can be reused. Contains 20g of tea.

Packaged in a 7x7 kraft gift box and wrapped with our signature foil stamped box wrap.

Perfect for hostess gifts, holiday gifts, bridesmaid or groomsmen gifts or gifts for wizards and witches in training.

Sending this box as a gift? Include a handwritten note to the recipient by adding your short message to the 'Order Notes' box of the 'Your Cart' page.

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