Books and Coffee Mini


Books and coffee: a magical pairing. After all, what’s better than reading at your favorite cafe, whilst sipping a decadent mocha espresso that you ordered from the hot barista who always remembers your name? Let this box take you there!

This “brewtiful” box is the ideal indulgence for the coffee connoisseur. We promise that opening it will provide more of a buzz than your morning coffee!

This OTP (One True Pairing) box includes:

  • Victory Bath Bomb: Handmade with orange and bergamot essential oil, and topped with golden mica drizzle. Wrapped in gold foil.
  • Espresso Patronum Premium Soy Candle by MWB: Hand-poured and scented with 100% natural plant-based fragrance oil. Crème brûlée espresso scent. Burn time on this 8oz candle is approximately 45-50 hours.
About MWB candles: There are NO synthetic fragrances, dyes or petroleum-derived waxes in our candles. We use only premium 100% natural plant-derived fragrance oils and/or essential oils to scent our candles along with natural American soy wax and cotton wicks. 

Perfect for hostess gifts, wedding gifts, bridesmaid gifts or just a special treat for book lovers and coffee connoisseurs.

*This listing is for one OTP box.

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